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Chartering -  image of ship cargoShip in open water
In shipping, trust is hard earned. It’s built over thousands of journeys across the globe, all the while navigating the turbulent seas of change.

The tenure of our client relationships – some over 30 years – is testament to the value they place on our authentic contribution to their businesses.Above and beyond the expected is our daily practice. To achieve unique and personalised solutions, we need to partner with our clients, not just serve them.

Innovative solutions can only come from intimate understanding of the challenges our customers face.

Our 2022 merger between Asia Maritime Pacific and Hamburg Bulk Carriers has rewarded Cetus Maritime with a new strength – the kind that can only come with scale. Our combined resilience, fortitude and skill gives us a unique opportunity to further leverage our experience, knowledge and network for our clients.

A strengthening of that network means smarter cargo flows and a wider variety of vessel. The partnership our customers have enjoyed with both entities can now be leveraged in many more parts of the world. East and West, we can ship your success.


Our highly experienced technical management team ensure the reliability of our fleet. A rigorous approach to safety, security and environmental protection underpin our service.

Cetus Maritime rigorously plans and performs regular ship maintenance. Major vessel overhauls and dry docking are planned well in advance, ensuring cost control and minimal commercial disruption. Safety standards that exceed the industry minimum and strict compliance with the latest regulations:

  • Classification Society Rules
  • Flag State Registry (USCG)
  • Shipboard Security (MTSA/ISPS)
  • Safety System Management (ISM)
  • Quality System Management (ISO)

With our large and experienced technical management team in China and the Philippines, we are able to provide third party services that maximise the operational efficiency and physical condition of a vessel, while complying with the industry regulators. AMP is also able to provide safety and quality management, technical purchasing as well as the sourcing of reliable and experienced crews.

Ship carrying logs. Shot from above.


Large cargo sitting on deck of shipJars showing different types of materials our ships often carry.
We transport a wide range of dry bulk commodities including grains, agricultural products, bauxite, alumina, cement, aggregates, forest products, scrap, concentrates, fertilizers, ores, and many more. We specialise in steel cargoes, where we focus on various kinds of steel products.

Apart from bulk cargoes, we operate semi-liner services within the Pacific, combining various unitised, project and bulk cargoes. We may carry multiple parcels of different cargoes on one voyage, which enables us to give you a lower freight rate and maximise efficiency.

"…. on key trade lanes, you’ll put longer-term contracts in place and then Cetus can build their other portfolio of cargoes around our cargoes because they know we’re going to be doing a shipment every six weeks from China down to Australia, for example."

A satisfied client