Cetus Maritime Announces Successful Installation of Starlink Satellite Communication on Ocean-going Vessel

January 15, 2024
Tabitha Logan
General Manager, Chartering & Projects
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Cetus Maritime, a leading dry bulk owner and operator has today announced the successful installation of its first Starlink Satellite Communication onboard the 43,000 dwt handysize ship “Cetus Bowhead”. The installation was overseen by technical management providers Union Marine Management Services Pte Ltd (“UMMS”) during a Singapore port call.  

“A supportive owner who understands the needs of present day crew makes a huge difference and motivates them to perform much better. We are fortunate to have clients like Cetus Maritime who keep the interest of crew paramount.” Mr. Gupta, Managing Director, UMMS  

Starlink uses low-earth orbit satellites to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity. The Company believes having Starlink onboard will greatly enhance safe operations by allowing real-time, ship-to-shore sharing of systems and data and will strengthen remote support and inspections.  It also provides seafarers with access to high-speed connectivity during their off-duty hours to connect with family or improve their skills and knowledge through online training. This is expected to dramatically improve seafarers' morale and well-being.

“Having a Starlink connection onboard bridges the gap between us Seafarers and our family. This is a great help for us onboard to ease up the stress and homesickness while we are thousands of miles away from our love ones. During the day-to-day life of the seafarer onboard having Starlink means we are somewhat blessed and joyful in receiving updates from our families everyday. Thank you for giving us this privilege in reaching many lives at sea.” Master, Cetus Bowhead

Cetus Maritime is a leading dry bulk owner controlling a fleet of close to 60 vessels across 8 regional offices. The Company is committed on its journey towards more sustainable business practices, and part of this commitment includes digitalization efforts both on shore and at sea.  

For more information about Cetus Maritime, please visit www.cetusmaritime.com